Things we like

We’re always keen to share the most interesting content we’ve heard, read or watched. Check this page regularly for links to our favourite videos and articles from leading experts and publications.

Drucker Challenge videos

Check out the three prize winners from this year’s Drucker Challenge video contest on the theme of Managing Complexity – we thought the winning entry was particularly inspirational.

FT podcast on HR and technology

We really enjoyed this 15-minute podcast from the FT on how HR – which once lagged behind in the technology stakes – is starting to take advantage of data in particular. It articulates a lot of the arguments made in our New Ways of Working Masterclass and provides a great overview for anyone interested in the topic.

Jake Hayman on using networks to improve social mobility

Our blogger Emma picked this video: Jake Hayman of Future First delivers a TEDx Talk exploring the potential of comprehensive school alumni networks to dramatically transform social inequality and help develop future talent.

Professor Lynda Gratton speaking in Helsinki

We’ve really enjoyed catching up on Lynda’s keynote recorded in Helsinki at the end of September 2013. In this series of videos, Lynda covers important topics such as Resilient People, Generational Diversity, Creative Clusters and the interplay between Globalisation and Education.

Managing generational diversity (The Economist)

We feel that generational diversity is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today – so we took a keen interest in this article from the Economist entitled Winning the Generation Game. We were especially pleased to notice a mention of one of our clients – TCS – and their social media platform Knome.

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