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Tina Schneidermann, COO

Tina’s first interaction with the Hot Spots Movement was booking Lynda for a series of speaking engagements and she subsequently decided to exercise her common sense and natural, ingrained ability to focus on the bottom line as Hot Spots COO. Tina’s role is to inject a strong dose of business sense to the mass of creativity within the team and to match its capability and potential to real market needs. Her approach to life is to get excited about making things happen – from the most cerebral activities to the most mundane (ironing!) – it’s the variety that matters.

Emma Birchall, Head of Research, Future of Work

Emma joined the team in 2013, lured by the opportunity to conduct cutting edge research that’s both academic and applied. Emma’s work on FoW involves reviewing literature and making contact with research teams to distil the latest in thought into something accessible to business users. She’s also actively involved in the FoWLab jams, getting to grips with client requirements and developing provocations. In her spare time, Emma provides mentoring and workshops for Future First, a charity aimed at raising ambitions and levels of achievement in young people.


Sarah Elsing, Research, Future of Work

Sarah has joined the Hot Spots Movement as Researcher. She previously worked at The Stress Management Society where she supported global organisations with the development of wellbeing strategies and leadership workshops for HR and senior managers. She is passionate about bridging the gap between academia and businesses, and using research insights to improve the experience of employees in the workplace. Sarah holds a PhD in Anthropology and Sociology from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and has extensive research experience in the UK and Southeast Asia.

Harriet Molyneaux, Digital Engagement

Harriet derives great enjoyment from successfully delivering complex global projects, with a focus on simplifying them for clients to enable achieving their goals.  As head of digital engagement, she focuses on building collaborative crowd-sourced solutions. Harriet has deep expertise in supporting organisations with tuning in to their Employee Voice and purposefully applying enterprise social media. In addition to this she works on strategic development and marketing of our Jams. Her previous experience includes advising on the core sustainability policy for a global luxury shopping chain, directing the world’s largest insurance telematics conference and speaking on radio shows about microfinance in West Africa. She studied Philosophy and Italian Literature at The University of Edinburgh followed by International Relations at King’s College London.

David Takacs, Digital Support Manager

David Takacs is responsible for coordinating the digital elements of our Jam projects and works closely with Harriet. His main responsibilities include information security, coordinating our virtual team of facilitators and overseeing the development and configuration of our bespoke Jam platforms. David also works on the visual design of our client events. His previous experience includes market research and policy analysis at a Hungarian think tank, and advising high-ranking NATO officers at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, Belgium.

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