10 facts about our COO, Tina Schneidermann

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Continuing the celebrations for our 10th anniversary this October, here are 10 interesting facts about our Chief Operating Officer, Tina Schneidermann.

1. When did you join Hot Spots Movement?

I first began working with Lynda Gratton in 2003, some years before Hot Spots Movement was founded. When HSM was then started, more than 10 years ago, I was involved almost from the outset.

2. What is your role at Hot Spots Movement?

I’m the COO of Hot Spots Movement.

3. What has been the most interesting project to work on?

That question presupposes I have a great memory (which is debatable), but more importantly, it’s very hard to choose! I like building, so I particularly enjoy projects of some longevity. The Future of Work Research Consortium is a great example: we created it 10 years ago, thinking it would run for one or two years. Instead, we’ve been able to learn and improve over 10 years, trying every year to make it easier for our clients to put the co-created insights to use within their organisation. Another development project is building our team – which is ongoing as the individuals that make up our team are all great learners with tremendous potential.

4. Which clients do you work with?

As COO I work with all our clients, more or less directly which is a real luxury, as I learn so much every day. For me, understanding what our clients need, and how we can best meet those needs in a way that builds on our strengths and is a key part of my role.

5. What has been your favourite piece of research to work on, or your favourite Masterclass?

The Masterclass from 2015 on The Future of HR was a great MC – because we discussed topics that are at the heart of HR executives’ future.

6. What is your favourite part of your role at Hot Spots Movement?

Working with globally recognised thought leader, Lynda Gratton and watching the team grow.

7. What has been your favourite place to travel to with Hot Spots Movement?

I’m torn between Tokyo and Sydney – two wonderful cities we visit at least once a year. So I have to mention two!

8. What is the best book that you have read in the last year?

A Sport of Nature by Nadine Gordimer. Gordimer is one of my favourite authors, and as South Africa was the first country I lived in outside of my native Denmark, reading a book by Gordimer is one of my favourite pastimes (sadly too rare).

9. What does no one know about you?

I’m fortunate in that I still have my dad and many childhood and youth friends, so between my dad, my old friends and not least my children, I’m not sure I can think of anything. How very boring!

10. What one thing do you think will define your future of work?

It’ll be defined by work – in the sense that I don’t expect to ever retire! I really like working as the learning component in all of the jobs I’ve ever held has been significant, and working at Hot Spots Movement is certainly no exception. The notion of portfolio will play a bigger role as the years go by, and I expect it to be more project-based later on in my career.


To find out more or to speak to Tina about her ongoing work, contact tina@hotspotsmovement.com

Keep an eye out for next week’s 10 facts on our Head of Digital Engagement, Harriet Molyneaux!

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