Collaboration: strength in synergies

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Guest blogger John Milne of Leadership Down Under rounds up our series of collaboration-themed articles by sharing his advice for successful collaboration. 

Collaboration sees multi disciplinary teams formed across countries and corporations to make projects happen on time and within budget. The idea is to harness the suite of experience, skills and knowledge of each team member to achieve shared goals, solve complex problems and create new products or services. Choosing the right mix takes study and judgement from leaders and managers. Use the common wisdom model.

#Technical competence means the person knows what they are talking about.

A thorough knowledge of your field of operation adds to productivity and enhances your credibility. Be at the cutting edge by contacting thought leaders and achievers worldwide.

#Strong, honest people will earn trust and respect from team members and from clients.

Definite, reliable people draw business, earn promotion and add value to their workplace. By keeping your promises every time you will have the hallmark of a special talent. Even amongst, professionals keeping promises is a challenge. It is rare. Move beyond excuses to results. Strength of mind and purpose focuses energy and channels activities.

#Commitment to your own work, your team, your company will inspire confidence.

Leaders and managers who have the well being of their staff in mind as well as efficiency produce better results through team and individual performances. Be alert to pressure points, deadlines, crises, dangers and opportunities.

#Being active and giving in social media contacts and in social interaction reaps rewards.

Just as morale is built one brick at a time, so networking takes time, focus and persistence. Blogs, Linked In, Twitter and each new platform can introduce you and your services or products to amazing new markets. Be careful to give freely and wisely in these crowded market places. Collaborations can happen through this reaching out enterprise.

# Show professional respect due to master practitioners. Jealousy and selfishness in one can sap the good work of many in each team. Get over it. Have a realistic appreciation of your own and other team member’s suite of skills. Foster interplay of ideas.

When you respect the ideas of people from all positions, you can chart a more certain path for your organisation, school or business.

Working together can be fun and fruitful. It can bring the best out of people. Start today!

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