Collaboration pop-up line-up announced

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We are pleased to announce the first speakers for our Collaboration Week pop-up on April 17th.

Join us at Somerset House for the climax of our Collaboration Week programme. On Thursday 17th April, from 12pm-6pm, we’ll be hosting a pop-up event in the West Wing at Somerset House, featuring guest speakers, a collaboration questionnaire and the opportunity to speak to our team of experts in the Collaboration Surgery.

Lightning talk programme

Our programme of lightning talks will be kicked off at 12.30pm by Hot Spots Movement COO Tina Schneidermann, who will be followed by a range of speakers including:

  • 1pm – Gail Kirby, Vodafone, on Building trust between individuals and managers
  • 1.30pm – Professor Lynda Gratton, Founder, Hot Spots Movement, on Productive Practices
  • 2pm – Steve Goldberg, Technical Writer, Venda, on Rewarding and recognising collaboration
  • 2.30pm – Emma Birchall, Head of Research – Future of Work, Hot Spots Movement
  • 3pm –  Deborah Bickler, Save the Children, on Building critical capability through global collaboration

We’re still finalising our running order, so we’ll be announcing themes and adding speakers throughout the week.

Collaboration questionnaire

Complete our specially formulated collaboration questionnaire and return it to us to receive your personalised collaboration report.

Collaboration Surgery

Do you have a burning question about collaboration? Want some tips on how to improve your teams? We’ll have a team of collaboration experts on hand all day to answer your questions and share their knowledge – just book yourself an appointment on the surgery board when you arrive.

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